Wild Bird Hunts

Experience the custom bird hunt of a lifetime. Explore wilderness options locally, or travel regionally by helicopter with our trained professionals.


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Game: Grouse and Woodcock

Seasons: Grouse: Sept 15–Nov 14 and Dec 24–Jan 1; Woodcock: Sept 24–Nov 7

Location: Nearby GEMS areas

Party Size: 1–2 hunters

Fall brings prime grouse and woodcock hunting in Michigan, and for this hunt we take you off-site to nearby state land.


Michigan is among the leading states in the nation for grouse hunting and we take you to one of the seven Grouse Enhanced Management System showcase areas, or GEMS. These areas feature non-motorized trails planted with clover that weave through stands of young aspen trees, the grouse’s favorite habitat . In addition to the grouse, another great upland game bird can be found and hunted—the American woodcock.


Our hunts are generally around 3 hours commencing at 9 am during season. Ruffed Grouse season is from Sept. 15 – Nov. 14, with a bag limit of five per day. Woodcock season commences September 21 – November 4, with a daily bag limit of three. Plan for a full-day, or combine a half-day hunt with a half-day on-site pheasant or partridge hunt.

High Island Hunt

NASA Image of High Island from space

Game: Grouse

Season: Sept 15–Nov 14; Dec 24–Jan 1

Location: High Island

Party Size: 1-8 hunters

Are you ready for the ultimate in grouse hunting? For this adventure we take you to one of the state’s leading grouse habitats, High Island of the Beaver Island archipelago. This beautiful and unique island has a landmass of 3,495 acres, much of which is home to the ruffed grouse.


We begin the adventure with an early morning breakfast, then leave Meemo’s by plane and head for Beaver Island. From there we transfer to a helicopter for our final destination, High Island, where you’re greeted by your guides and their team of dogs. (If you choose to hunt with your own dogs they will either fly directly with you or if your are in a larger group we will fly them out earlier with our guides.)


There is no rush here. You’ll spend the day hunting in prime grouse habitat, break for a sumptuous lunch and refreshments, then head back onto the fields. Around mid-afternoon we load up the helicopter and transfer back to the plane, arriving at Meemo’s Farm in time for pre-dinner drinks and hors d’oeuvres around a blazing fire.

Pricing: GEMS Hunt

All wild bird hunts are done off-site and include guide, trained hunting dog and bird dressing. Hunters are welcome to bring their own dogs.

Lunch is provided on all full day hunts. All prices are subject to change.

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Full-Day Hunt


Half-Day Hunt

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Full-Day Hunt


Half-Day Hunt

Pricing: High Island Hunt

The High Island hunt includes ground transportation to Traverse City, plane transport to Beaver Island, helicopter transport to High Island, expert guides and dogs, a full-day hunt, snacks, beverages and lunch, bird dressing and packaging. All prices are subject to change.

1 Hunter


Full-Day Hunt

2–3 Hunters


Full-Day Hunt

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Full-Day Hunt

6–8 Hunters


Full-Day Hunt